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Kanberra Gel, all natural, all amazing.

      The more I use Kanberra Gel, the more reasons I find to use it. As a Kanberra Gel representative, I am continuously asked what it is used for so I thought I would outline the top areas it is used in our lives: Firstly, I must begin by explaining what this incredible…
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Kanberra Gel

Tea Tree Oil is known around the globe as a natural antiseptic, most commonly used topically. (An ingredient in toothpastes, mouthwashes, creams, etc.). We developed a means of releasing TTO in an airborne manner…simple air movement across Kanberra Gel®, OR a shot of Kanberra Spray® delivers TTO at the microscopic level to attack mold, mildew,…
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Chafe-Pro® removable chafe gear is a cost effective means for preventing chafe abrasion to synthetic lines. Since Chafe-Pro’s inception in 1991, we have continued to improve our product line. To that end we have been successful; today Chafe-Pro is regarded as the best chafing gear offered on the world market. We attribute that success to our…
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