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Kanberra Gel, all natural, all amazing.

      The more I use Kanberra Gel, the more reasons I find to use it. As a Kanberra Gel representative, I am continuously asked what it is used for so I thought I would outline the top areas it is used in our lives: Firstly, I must begin by explaining what this incredible…
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“A Rustic Elegance”

A Rustic Elegance of Luxury in the Pacific Northwest. When it comes to expectations, sometimes the only way to go is to exceed them. The Pacific Northwest has always been a boater’s haven due to the 900 nautical miles of inlets and adventure along the British Columbia coast, but the secret is out that the…
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Pacific Northwest Mystique

As 71% of the Earth's surface is covered with water, options for cruising are endless. However, few areas offer the variety, protection and beauty of the Pacific Northwest. The Pacific Northwest offers nine hundred nautical miles of coastline stretching from Seattle through British Columbia along the Inside Passage to Alaska. The entire coastline is rich…
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