Our story began in January 2017 when our sailboat broke moorage and floated to shore during a below-freezing winter storm.

First, there was the jarring 3am phone call from our founder Brandon’s panic-stricken father, who heard crashing on the shore. Then, there was Brandon’s 45-minute drive over fallen debris and icy roads. And finally, the worst part was seeing their beloved 27′ Catalina, SV Inconceivable, beaten up on the beach with waves crashing on its hull.

Inconceivable had likely been on the beach for several hours at this point, given the state of the tides. By the time Brandon arrived, his father Ken was already on the scene and getting into his dry suit, ready to tackle the incoming waves. Without hesitation, Brandon slipped into his wetsuit and together they worked to winch the boat off of the beach.

After hours of arduous work, the vessel was dragged from the beach by using a secure mooring buoy and the boat’s manual winch. By sunrise, Inconceivable was successfully placed on a temporary mooring buoy, much to Brandon and Ken’s happiness – and exhaustion.

After saving SV Inconceivable, Brandon started looking for a product that could alert him if his boat ever broke moorage again.

One of the requirements he looked for was a hardware product that could send alerts upon the vessel floating outside of a set ‘geofence’. His findings were scarce – none of the available solutions employed innovative technology, let alone the prevalent connected touch Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

With his deep understanding of the Internet of Things, remote surveillance and Electrical Engineering, Brandon knew he could build a better solution. Several months later, after endless nights and even longer days, a prototype was born, with an accompanying app. In his hands, Brandon held the first iteration of BRNKL by Barnacle Systems.


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