When seeking out the very best for your boat or yacht, there is no substitution for quality marine refrigeration. For refrigerators and freezers made for being out on the water, there is no brand more respected and trusted than Frigibar. Frigibar is America’s foremost manufacturer of quality marine refrigeration products. For over forty years, Frigibar has combined functionality and design to produce superior refrigeration and freezing systems for companies and owners seeking the perfect fit for their boat, yacht, or other vessel.

Our hand-crafted freezers are designed to operate in the hottest tropical conditions while maintaining a solid zero degrees Fahrenheit temperature. Due to their fiberglass construction, Frigibar’s will not rust on the deck of your yacht and will maintain their attractive appearance and proper function for many years to come. Boat builders including Hatteras, S2, Phoenix, Rybovich, Post, Davis, Burger, SeaVee, SeaHunter and more recommend and use Frigibar as their marine refrigeration supplier of choice.



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