the Broughton Archipelago

 Located just along the British Columbia coastline, just south of Queen Charlotte Sound and directly across from the northern tip of Vancouver Island, the "Broughtons" are becoming one of the best cruising grounds in the world. With and abundance of wildlife complimented with a variety of protected anchorages, quaint marinas and even luxurious resorts, the Broughton's offer a unique experience that should be atop any boaters bucket list. With the protected waters that the Brougton's offer, the cruising season starts in April as the winter southeast winds begin to gradually turn to the summer's afternoon northwesterly's. Although the peak cruising time here is July and August, September is the best time to cruise the Broughton's if your timetable allows. With great weather, for the majority of the month, bear down river dining on spawning salmon, and plenty of Orca in Robson's Bite feeding as well, September gives you all the entertainment, with a much smaller crowd.

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