Kanberra Gel

Tea Tree Oil is known around the globe as a natural antiseptic, most commonly used topically. (An ingredient in toothpastes, mouthwashes, creams, etc.).

We developed a means of releasing TTO in an airborne manner…simple air movement across Kanberra Gel®, OR a shot of Kanberra Spray® delivers TTO at the microscopic level to attack mold, mildew, etc. It looks easy now, but it took more than a decade and multiple formulations to accomplish.

Be sure it’s pure.

Kanberra Products only use Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil certified by ATTIA, Ltd.

ATTIA is the Australian government approved industry body supporting the tea tree oil industry to enhance the production and uses of TTO. The certification means Kanberra is officially sanctioned to promote our full portfolio of products as containing Pure Australian TTO.

  • Kanberra products were the first water-based, alcohol-free air purifiers and surface cleaners to use Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil and we continue to utilize that standard for all of our products.
  • This important certification further separates Kanberra products – the first to introduce our blend of airborne TTO – from other competitors and imitators on the market.
  • You can purchase Kanberra products in confidence knowing that you are receiving an all natural product with the finest ingredients including Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil.

"My husband just brought home the Kanberra Gel, and I love it! Although it works great in any room, I placed the jar in my baby’s nursery, near the diaper pail. It keeps her room smelling fresh all of the time, and because its natural, I don’t have to worry! This is the only air freshener that has worked so well for us in the past three years, two children, and hundreds of diapers."

Stacy – New York


"Our home has had a musty/mildew odor in the basement due to the dampness down there. We placed the Kanberra Gel in the areas that were affected and it was “amazing” how it disolved the strong odor. I also like the fact that it is a “natural” product…no chemicals."

Patti – New York


I purchased Kanberra Gel for my car and yes, I’d buy it again…it provides a wonderful smell to my car.

Mike – Canada

We have had great success in using Kanberra Gel in our house (daylight basement) and in our RV. We have had a persistent problem on rodents invading our RV’s while in storage. Try as I might over 15 years, we lost the battle of stopping them from getting into the RV’s. After we had such good results in the basement with your product, I put one in the RV to freshen it up while in storage a few years ago. We have not had a rodent enter the RV since. We made no changes to the location or other preparations, just kept the traps in place and opened the 2 oz container inside the RV. I haven’t seen any advertisement or comments about the effectiveness of Kanberra Gel in repelling rodents, but our experience of over 2 years seems to be more than coincidental. Now we keep the container in use all year.

Bill – Bonney Lake, WA


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