Boom + Batten Restaurant / Cafe

With a view of Victoria's inner harbour, this culinary experience is inspired by our coastal suroundings.

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The coastal cuisine experience in British Columbia is a tantalizing fusion of land and sea. Blessed with abundant natural resources, this region boasts a gastronomic adventure like no other. From the rich waters of the Pacific Ocean, succulent seafood takes center stage, with delicacies like fresh salmon, Dungeness crab, and spot prawns tantalizing taste buds. The local chefs embrace the farm-to-table concept, incorporating locally sourced ingredients into their culinary creations. Wild-foraged mushrooms, crisp vegetables, and flavorful berries add a unique touch to the dishes. Whether indulging in a seafood feast, savoring delectable sushi, or relishing indigenous-inspired cuisine, British Columbia’s coastal culinary experience is an unforgettable journey for food enthusiasts.