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Why Us?

Our Network

With a global reach, YachtingBC is part of the Yacht Essentials Network. Our collective brands are represented currently at 9 boat shows, have strong relationships with some of our industry's most luxurious brands,

Our Experience

Our team has extensive experience in the marine industry, not only is media, but sales, design and
operations of brokerages, chandleries, magazines, marine associations, and marinas. We understand your business like few digital marketing agencies can.

Social Responsibility

YachtingBC and the Yacht Essentials Network is a proud supporter of YachtAid Global, that represents the marine industry using 100% of all donations to provide disaster relief and recovery, humanitarian aid, and ocean conservation initiatives to some of the most remote area of our globe.

Our Marketing Services

Content Creation

YachtingBC works closely with numerous professional photographers & film makers, using a combination of cameras, drones, underwater housings and fluid motion cameras to create high quality, high-impact media to best portray your brand.

Professional Editing

Don't have a budget for professional photographers and film makers? Let our producers help direct you in shooting your products, then let our editors use that to create professional edits suitable for all of your website and social media needs.

Digital Marketing Strategy
& Content Management

The team at YachtingBC can design and or implement a detailed marketing strategy and schedule incorporating various mediums and social media platforms.


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