Chafe-Pro®, the Chafe Solution Company, is a 2nd generation family owned and operated business located in North Carolina.  For over 20 years has been the industry leader in chafe guards and rope protection systems for everything from the recreational boater to mega yachts, tug boats to commercial tankers, the USCG to the USN, rock climbing to window washing, including the recovery tow harness for NASA’s Orion Crew Module!

After a successful launch this past fall of their patented Fender Hook, the Chafe-Pro® team have redesigned a popular European marine product, the Chafe Mat, and are bringing it to market!

The Chafe Mat, constructed with an outer layer of ballistic nylon with a soft porous underside to prevent water retention, is an anti-abrasion device that protects the boat’s finish or wood rails from fender lines or mooring lines.  Installation is simple, slip the mat over the boat’s cleat and then tie the fender line or mooring line to the cleat.  The mat will take the abrasion caused by the lines.  To prevent the mat from slipping out of position, Chafe-Pro’s proprietary material ShoreGrip® is located on the underside holding the mat in place.  When getting underway, the Chafe Mat is easily removed when the lines are taken in.

For those who like a little personalization to their accessories, look no further!  Chafe-Pro® offers custom embroidery for a reasonable fee.  Standard Chafe Mats (21” x 21”) retail for $69.99 each and embroidered mats retail for $99.99 each.  Just make sure you know your cleat size when ordering! 

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